Nice To Meet You

I’m a UX/UI Designer with a passion for solving problems and making useful things for real people. Currently, I’m looking for an enthusiastic team of like minded people to build awesome things with.

I’ve worked as a graphic/web designer for the past 6+ years, but decided to change gears when I noticed there was something missing. I’ve always put users at the forefront by being the one on the team to ask: “what would they want, and why?” Due to this, transitioning into the world of UX design seemed like a natural fit and now I get to create beautiful things that solve an actual problem.

When I’m not designing, you can find me practising my charcoal drawing, cooking up a storm, swing dancing to my favourite Sinatra jams, or daydreaming about traveling to Japan.

Fun Facts

Lived and worked in Brisbane, Australia for 3.5 years

Jumped out of a helicopter over the swiss alps

Started a bag/accessories company called Kulur Studios

My cat thinks he's a dog; his name is Thomas & he's an aussie

I enjoy gradients very much 🙂

Grew up in the VERY small town of Fesserton, ON

Was a National 80 meter hurdle champion at the age of 16

For me, learning is fun & I love to challenge myself

Contact Me

Think I would be a good fit for your team or project? Get in touch!

1 (705) 305-8492